If you have lived and surfed in Southern California you are probably very familiar with local surfer-shaper hero Tim Stamps and his brand Stamps Surfboards.  Known for cutting-edge, precision short board designs, Stamps Surfboards can be seen shredding on almost any wave along the coast. Although, most noteworthy, Stamps Surfboards can be seen all over the World Surfing Tour underneath the feet of professional surfers such as Bret Simpson and Courtney Conlogue.

We are sort of like proud parents as Tim has his roots here at Harbour Surfboards, learning the fine craft of hand shaping and designing surfboards over 25 years ago from Rich Harbour himself.  Being the educated, tech-savvy craftsman he is, Tim transferred his surfboard making skills to the advancements of computer shaping technology allowing him to constantly refine his designs and stay ahead of the trends making his boards one of the most sought after brands out there!  He has gone on to make it ‘big time’ as we like to say around here at the shop!  So we were more than stoked when conversations led to the idea of a collaboration brand  – STAMPS for HARBOUR.  With an exclusive set of collaboration boards just for us.


All around wave friendly, user friendly, recreational surfing vehicle that is designed to move! 

        5.10″ X 21 3/4 X 2 3/4″ (39.0L).

5.10″ X 21 3/4″ X 2 3/4″

6.0″ X 22″ X 2 7/8″

6.2″ X 22 1/4″ X 22 15/16″

6.4″ X 22 1/2″ X 3″


This design features a lower rocker, a full outline, with contours of a soft slightly rolled entry to a subtle concave finishing off the tail with a slight "vee" and double concaves throught the fin area.  Basically a smaller softer wave catching fun producing machine!

 5.8″ X 22″ X 2 11/16″ 

 5.10″ X 22 1/4″ X 2 3/4″

 6.0″ X 22 1/2″ X 2 13/16″

 6.2″ X 22 3/4″ X 2 7/8″



These cutting edge shapes take Harbour to the forefront of contemporary surfboard design, providing the latest in surfboard designs that literally fly across the wave. These boards are for the serious surfer who has the time to spend exploring the vast possibilities that they can deliver. All come with 3/16” bass center stringer and are glassed with a 6/4 oz. deck and 4 oz. bottom. They all come with a sand finish to keep the weight and cost to a minimum.
Fins are by Futures and are specific for each model.


A Fish shape is not for beginners, as some skill is needed to make it work. Surfing a Fish is almost like riding a skateboard on water. They have very little rocker, and a width that is almost as wide as a contemporary board that is 3 feet longer. There is lots of curve in the front half of the outline with the tail area becoming much straighter. And it has a wide swallow. Hey, this is not your normal approach to making surfboards. These boards float well for their size, but to remain true to their design concept it is recommended to stay within the 5-6 and 6-6 size range. These boards are for waves in the waist to head high range, although this does not restrict someone from pushing these numbers.


If you are a good paddler and in good shape the Sausage is your guarantee for a good time! This board shines in waves waist to head high that are generally less powerful and mushy. The flat rocker, wide template and full rails make for an effortless glide. The shorter length makes for tighter, in the pocket turns too! Keep this in the car at all times! If it is too small and mushy to ride your standard thruster, don’t grab that longboard; grab the Sausage. Are you riding 7′ or 8′ boards and you’re ready to graduate to a shortboard? Give the Sausage a try! The Sausage is a great steppingstone towards riding a standard shortboard! It comes as a thruster or quad.  Another design from the gifted mind and hands of Tim Stamps