With 50/50 nose rails transitioning to down turned in the tail, this is a great blend in board design. The 50/50 rail naturally finds a better slot in the wave for tip work, but down turned rails in the tail has always needed too much area in fin surface to get some bite. The Evolution series all have the 50/50 nose rails but also have contemporary hard, down turned tail rails that provide bite in a turn. Now, there is a group of boards that provide the best of both worlds. All Evolution models are glassed with two layers of 6 oz. silane on the deck, and one layer of 6 oz. silane on the bottom and have a gloss and polish finish.
Provided are specific fins for each model.


A tribute to our 55th  year anniversary in 2014, the Evolver is a culmination of 55 years of surfboard design.  This board model has an extremely wide tail that picks up a wave’s energy like no other board.  It turns on a dime and, with those 50/50 nose rails and soft concave, it nose rides with the best of them.

Glassing: double 6oz deck / single 6oz bottom  / clear / gloss & polish *this board is shown in our signature color  – by request only *  Stringer: 1/4″ cedar stringer.  Fin option: special signature tri color fin from our “E” fin series.


The Plantain has 50/50 rails in the front of the board for finding the perfect slot when nose riding.  And with it’s soft concave, the Plantain nose rides very well.  It has down turned rails at the tail and some seriously deep tunnels next to the fin.  Hard corners on (true) square tails are a little bit too stiff feeling for some surfers.  The ever so slightly rounded corners on the square tail of the Plantain give it the positive feel coming out of a turn that a true square tail gives.   But they are just soft enough for great flow; connecting front to backside turns.  And the Plantain hasbetter drive out of the turn than the softer feel of squash tails and pintails.

This shape has been one of Harbour’s best-kept secrets that is so popular among the crew.  We decided to permanently install it in our line up.

Try one of our “E Series” fins on this one.




The Merlin has one of our wider outlines, and this extended surface area enhances paddling, wave catching ability, and wave riding stability. The nose is wide enough to be called a nose rider and the pintail gives that great smoothness to the turn, with a fluid cutback like no other tail. The bottom of the nose has a soft concave and the tail has a slight “V” with soft tunnels next to it. The rails are rather unique, with the front 2/3 being traditional 50/50 rails that transition into downturned rails at the tail. The Merlin finds the slot when nose riding and has the positive feel of a contemporary board when turning. Another design from the gifted mind of Tim Stamps, this board is pure magic, so we named it Merlin after the most famous wizard of them all.

This one works great with an “E Series” fin.