Accomplished surfers that want to explore shorter more maneuverable boards. 6/4 Deck & 6 bottom and lower volume give these designs a life of their own.


The Spherical Revolver is an update of the popular 1969 design of the same name. This mid-range board is pure fun. With its wide surface area and elliptical shape the Spherical Revolver is stable and quick and has an amazing amount of maneuverability. A great design for the longboarder that wants some of the shorter feel. The shorter sizes will accommodate either 150-lb. surfers of better ability or very light surfers. The longer size range of this board will perform best for 200 lb. good surfers or lighter surfers that want a full round tail on a wider board. This full figured board will really put some fire back in your surfing. The Spherical Revolver is offered in both a single fin and a 2 + 1 fin set-up and has the original 1969 logo.


We have taken the Spherical Revolver to another level with this shape. A two plus one set-up with more rocker, tunnels next to the fins, slight mid board concave, and a bit wider there too. Truly a stunning difference, this board is really alive!


This midrange board is pure performance. The Drifter has the feel and some of the look of a short board with supreme maneuverability yet much more volume for float. A narrow nose and tail give this model a sleek, curvy outline for turning. The Drifter features 3 fins, and the vintage “Drifter” logo.


The More Fun is our take on the typical fun-board shape that we have all seen over the years. Surfers from all walks of life will enjoy this model! It’s more performance oriented than our “Spherical Revolver” yet it’s got more volume and flotation than our “Drifter” model to make it our most predictable and all-around mid-range board for all surfers of all skill levels that are good paddlers!