These boards average 1/4″ thinner than cruisers and classics. The thinness and lighter weight 6/4 deck and 6 bottom glass allows much more sensitivity to the wave. They all have our famous nose channels and 3/8″ basswood stringer. Accomplished to pro ability recommended.


The HP1, our High Performance single fin nose rides, tube rides, paddles and catches waves better than a tri-fin board of similar dimensions because it has no side fins to create drag in the water. Carving turns was never easier on a single fin because of the board’s shape and specifically the specially designed HP fin. This unique fin design wags with the turn and actually thrusts the surfer forward upon exiting the turn! The HP1 is truly a high performance single fin longboard.


A high performance 2+1 design that is a bit wider than our other high performance boards, this board has the turn that one expects from a pintail, and plenty of acceleration out of that turn. The H3 will handle a wide range of surf size and quality with little loss of performance no matter what quality wave you surf in. Other boards may have a slight edge in one specified situation but this is the high performance board you take to the beach 95% of the time. Nose rides, turns, and speed — it has it all. And the nose has our famous channels.  From the mind and hands of Tim Stamps.


This is our high performance squash tail that softens the harshness of a square tail. The Turbo performs in all conditions making it a great all around high performance long board. This shape has excellent drive while coming out of the turn, a feature that power surfers really enjoy.